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16 February 2010 @ 05:11 pm
I am done earlier than my coworkers, because I am sick. but dont tell me that. I am doin a darn good job fighting it off, but today i had to use tissues for my nose. a lot of tissues. this is okay though

because I am in Chicago.

and in chicago everyone has runnny noses.

Its so wonderful here.
mostly because i feel like i am in a batman comic book / movie.

the hotel i am in is from teh 20s and has a big neon red light on it and i am on the 20th floor. so the light kinda shines in my room. its just like a comic book.


Today is tuesday. I have been working hard. Monday through Saturday everyday for a long time now. I am going to sasquatch this year. that is that. fuck you mother fuckers that think its lame, because you hate fun, love, music, and summer.

i hope i drink so much i get sick on lura. like old times.

but really. I just want busy season to wrap up already.

I like being busy. but my head is in summer already. sundresses, shorts, beach days, cigarettes, brunch, camping,

i cannot wait.

Chicago style Deep dish pizza is not that great. but its not bad. its just pizza, with a big crust, that tastes like cornbread, and too much marinera sauce on top of your cheese.

the christmas lights are still up here. that is nice with the snow and all.
and the buildings are damn gorgeous. every single one of them. even the new ones strongly resemble the older buildings. its so cohesive.

T&C, i miss you guys dearly and cant wait to see you again.
Lura, i miss you. we haven't seen each other hardly at all, it's strenuous, cause i am not good at phone calls. but i miss you.

anywaysssss. i am off to frolic in the snow, and i am taking lots of pictures for the internet, to show the world how fancy my life is.

also people totally honk their horns here, all the fucking time.
it's super wierd.
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03 September 2009 @ 02:47 pm
16 July 2009 @ 08:07 pm

i am serious.

I miss everyone in my life. Ebrg, it seems like I left years ago. It hasn't even been a month.

a few days ago ben and I went to the park near my house. It goes to the beach, and there is an orchard. beautiful day.

newest things with me:
living at 103 N 79th Seattle, WA 98103

i had a canvassing job. it sucked for the whole day that i worked there, then i had to quit, because the attorney general and the secretary of state were going to prosecute their asses for soliciting w/o a license. so now i am jobless. and with endless amounts of free time, but no money, and no friends.
today I applied at a fancy restaurant... lets hope.

My roomies are great. they are relatively tidy. everyone is really nice. and I have yet to have a single bit of drama come my way. so living situation is very fantastic. also, my rent is super cheap. also great. there are several bars in walking distance, there is a billion restaurants, and there is an adorable little breakfast place a block away that is called pete's egg nest, and its reputably good.

anyways. i am famished. and i am going to go fry up some progees.
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i just got done talking to the lovely Miss. white in the financial aide department, and she confirmed that my financial aide will not be altered due to one quarter of poor grades. As long as I pass all of my classes next quarter, which I will because it is my last, I am in the clear.

i also like the unconventional way of looking at college and being able to say FUCK MY GPA. it does bring a smile to my face.

I ALSO LIKE drunk messages. and texts i cannot respond to. and seeing lura unexpectedly in the sub.

this quarter just got better. and better.

if i say i like a boy again will you comment?
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03 March 2009 @ 03:17 pm
so that i can stop gushing about my life to the same four people over and over!!! seriously, it must be bombarding to see it on lj, facebook, and have to hear it.

but, damnit, im so happy!

also, i have a crush. who crushes on me, i do believe. which i think makes it more than a crush? well, yeah. i guess at this point.. its more than a crush. but okay.

i would write more, but i feel like a child writing silly lj posts of the sort. so. and i must run home anyways.

more later
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Current Music: why? light leaves
I LOVE MY NEW APARTMENT!!! its great. i never want to leave it. im always late now.

i love lura. she has brought nothing but tremendous amounts of goodness to my life in a time when i desperately need it. same goes to colin & tristen, but they never raped babies and little girls so that was expected. :D

i came clean with tyson about how i accidentally knocked over one of his really old projects. and he was totally cool about it. he refused to take money for the damage; he said he appreciated me telling him, because if he had done the same he wouldn't have ever said a thing. Surprise of the week: being morale doesn't always suck.

i have to go back to Randall hall now. my plaster project is waiting.

also. fuck.

that was a great weekend guys.
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Current Music: Neutral Milk, cause its now stuck in my head
29 January 2009 @ 01:01 pm
i just realized that adorable man that smiles at me everyday when he gets his coffee is mustachio....!!!!!!


slura, we're going to have to mudwrestle over this one. ;)


actually you can have him. you saw him first fo' sho'.

Im finally moving out and i cant wait. this weekend im going to seattle and for that i cant wait as well. Im finally over my stress rut and i feel great again. january is always so difficult.
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Current Music: the dodos
20 January 2009 @ 01:55 pm
i just successfully made a twitter rant. not possible you say? totally possible!

and in only 140 characters exactly, i have stated the current status of my living situation which has put me through so much stress this year of 2009 and continues to do so:

jessicaque oldlandlord says he didn't mean to evict me & wants me to stay. i think about this, and then decide on eating healthfood. tough shit old guy 8 minutes ago from web

how do you accidentally evict someone?

good news:
starting my wrapped object tomorrow;
finishing my elephant tonight;
i had a ridiculous and fun weekend;
im still sleeping on my couch due to fear of eating a spider (or a spider eating me);
i am eating lots of health foods;
i will be fake-vegetarian for a while;
i move out in 9 days;
i move in in 10.5 days;
and i may still have enough money for a computer after all? well see.

ps. If you could have one celebratory drink right now (in the middle of inauguration day) what might it be?
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18 January 2009 @ 02:39 pm
now we're all inside eachothers heads...

im having too much fun; its actually starting to kill me. WOOO!
life is good. last night we went to safeway, but i think we were obvious? or was it just me in my silent paranoia?

SORRY! rocks. i want to play more, but with some beer, so that we will really get competetive. we were to chill last night.... we were like oh, sorry ? except colin, colin was like


i need somemore energy, social sitation i keep finding myself being too laid back. garrrrrr. what does it take to wake me up? im gunna go buy another keroac book.

lura, is it weird that now we are more than lj friends?
i hope not.

right on, now im gunna go have a sober sunday, so that maybe ill be more energetic.

uspinmeroundbaby,round,right round....like a recordbabyrightroundroundround

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Current Music: brand new = cause its sooooo gooooood! ;)
14 January 2009 @ 02:01 pm
i got my 20-days notice on the 10th (for no real reason)
i panicked for 3 days
found a significantly better apt on the 12th
they called me on the 13th
i signed the lease today. (14th)

i'm behind in all of my classes because of the last two days. garrrr. (eventhough the last week or so has been tremendous fun)

now i have to pack, get rid of my large-scale items, and move all of my stuff by the 30th.

i cant move into my new place till afternoon on the 31st.


ummmm this math means: i have 16 days. ooooooooh my.

also, sculpture is hard.

good stuff: my new place is amazing, my new landlord is really sweet, my life is mostly coming together, and i keep meeting new people everyday.

EDIT: i worked on my clay sculpture of a stuffed elephant and now i smell like clay!!!! beating out my stress on clay is good, i can't wait for plaster! :D
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Current Music: this charming mannnnnn.